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Tu B’Shvat

I still remember the song we sang in Sunday School, “TuB’Shvat is here the Jewish Arbor Day. Hail the tree’s new year, happy holiday!”  It wasn’t until I was older and researching recipes for my first book, Entrée to Judaism that I learned that the first tree to blossom in Israel, harboring the beginning of spring, was the almond tree. Therefore, the almond as well as the other fruits representing the seven species of fruits found in Israel are traditionally eaten on Tu B’Shvat.

Recipes with almonds don’t have to be relegated to your dessert platter or your garnish for salads. Why not try a stir-fry dish of Chicken with Almonds in Hoisin Sauce to celebrate the coming of spring or anytime you need a quick one dish meal for dinner.



      ENTREE TO JUDAISM FOR FAMILIES, the first  interactive cookbook that teaches children how to identify cooking equipment from linked pop-up photos  and demonstrates cooking techniques using over 30 quick videos accessible from within the recipe. Watch the introductory video on the right.

Entree To Judaism for Families was a finalist for best eBook in the prestigious IACP cookbook awards. 

Sample of Recipes from the Book

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