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turkey_running-2Do you panic about making Thanksgiving dinner? Is it the vast array of food; our ancestor’s answer to the groaning board? Is it the fear of being able to duplicate Aunt Sarah’s candied yams or Grandma’s gravy? Or is it just the anxiety of preparing so much food for so many people; a group of people whose collective memories define the holiday in a myriad of ways. According to a survey I once took, you are more concerned about all the last minute preparations for the dinner than anything else. Your second biggest concern was having the entire family around at one time!

Whether your dinner looks like a Norman Rockwell painting or the NFL’s dream of every American’s Thanksgiving, your dinner should be hot, delicious, and an enjoyable experience for your guests. Most of all, you too should be able to enjoy your friends and family in this celebration. I can help you with some of your concerns about timing and flavor, but I regret that only a good therapist can help you deal with your families!

With that said, I hope that you enjoy preparing for the meal and that life gives you many things to be thankful for this year.

Eat in good health,


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