You Say Tomato and I say Delicious

Summer bounty is at its height of deliciousness. Tomatoes are ripe and succulent and have a taste that is all but missing during the rest of the year. Each year I grow a $30 tomato. No, it isn’t from an upscale market selling exotic fruit, it’s the one tomato I get off of my vine after the possums, squirrels and birds have their pick. I guess it’s my way of helping the wildlife!

When tomatoes were brought from the New World, people were afraid to eat them because they thought they were poisonous. After awhile Spaniards began to introduce them into the Mediterranean and the rest, as they say, is history. The Greeks used fresh tomatoes with Orzo. The Spaniards rubbed a ripe, juicy tomato on crusty bread, and, if you have been to Israel, you have had Shakshuka for breakfast. Enjoy these NEW recipes on my site and find ways to make them your own creation.

Speaking of “creation”, check out my IACP Award Finalist in the Digital Book category, Entrée to Judaism for Families. Children are used to playing games on an iPad and even a 2-year-old can enjoy and learn from the videos and pictures of utensils embedded in the recipes. Each recipe also includes a section of activities and/or discussions you can have about your own family’s culinary heritage.

We are all hoping schools will be open this fall but interacting with your children or grandchildren in the kitchen can still be educational and memorable for all of you. So, check it out and gift it yourself or the kids in your life. Formerly available on Apple, it is only available here but downloads to your iBook library.

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