Passover 2018

Dear Friends,

You’re searching the internet for some new ideas for your Seder dinner but don’t forget that your family has come to expect certain dishes. Sometimes it feels like the Passover menu is the most intractable so if Grandma’s brisket with grape jelly is the one your family loves don’t deviate.  However, you can certainly vary the dishes and include a delicious Greek Lamb Stew for all to try or instead of the Carrot Souffle try Carrot Tzimmes with Matzo Ball Dumplings.  Be creative but don’t disappoint!

And here’s my best Tina’s Tidbit for Passover: Always let a matzo meal based recipe rest for 10-15 minutes.  The matzo meal needs time to hydrate and if you put a mix together and it seems runny and you add more matzo meal before letting it rest you will wind up with a more dense, dryer and heavier finished product.

May you have a wonderful and meaningful Seder surrounded by those you hold dear.

Eat in Good Health!


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