Purim-Much More than Hamentashen!

I just taught two classes about Purim pastries and their history recently, one to 2-7 year olds and their parents, and one to the members of Moishe House in Dallas.  Same recipes and stories, same delights in the history and taste of the tradition but quite a bit of difference in the mess in my kitchen! All, however, had a great time.

Hamentashen are not the only traditional cookie for Purim.  French and Alsatian Jews often ate Palmiers representing Haman’s ears (possibly a reference to the custom of removing part or all of a convicted criminals ears starting even before Haman’s time) and Mohnbrodt, biscotti-like cookies made with Mohn (poppy seeds) are commonly eaten in Israel representing the “finger” of accusation that Esther pointed at Haman.

Whatever representative pastry you make, enjoy the holiday and drown out all the evil in your world.

Eat in Good Health!


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