Private Classes


Just because I don’t have regularly scheduled classes doesn’t mean I am no longer teaching! On the contrary, many individuals are still experiencing my fun, informative hands on classes.

Maybe you have a big birthday coming up and would like to do more than have lunch with your friends at a nice restaurant? Schedule a private class and you can even make your own birthday cake!

Have a teenager that loves to cook, is thinking about becoming a professional chef and wants to learn more about vegetarian cuisine? Schedule a 2-3 hour private class and I will give them the personal attention they need to explore this area of expertise.

Looking for a new and interesting concept for a bridal shower or baby shower? Learn how to cook a quick gourmet meal for the new spouse after a long day of work or some easy, fast snacks for that future toddler.

Father’s Day grilling class? Boy’s or girl’s birthday cooking parties (8 year old boys LOVE to cook when no girls are around!)? On Your Own Parties for the high school or college graduate? You name it, I’ve taught it!

Contact me at [email protected] to discuss your particular needs.

To pay for an upcoming class, please visit my store.