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Explore, Learn and Cook with Me in Israel!!!

Join me for an Israeli Culinary Experience[1] that will take  you on a once in a lifetime journey deep into Israel’s complexity of ethnic cuisines. Throughout the tour, travel the length and breadth of the country and taste your way through cultures that sometimes stand alone and sometimes blend together to become what we call Israeli Cuisine.  The trip will include visits to farms, markets, and restaurants as well as cooking workshops taught by  Israeli experts. We will also visit locations whose work is the epitome of Tikkun Olam. As always, I will be right there with my “Tina’s Tidbits” answering your questions about each ingredient we use and share stories behind the recipes.

If you have watched In Search of Israeli Cuisine( see the trailer[2])on Netflix you know the cuisine is more than the cooking or the foods, it’s about the entire nation and  the diversity in Israel.  Via Sabra coordinated the itinerary for the documentary and I have worked with them to create a similar experience for you.

So let’s explore together!


For a detailed look at the trip go to http://www.viasabra.com/tina-wasserman-culinary-trip [3]

For any questions contact me at [email protected][4]

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