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Corporate Team Building

In addition to her cooking classes, Tina can bring her extensive knowledge about food, as well as over 33 years of teaching experience, to you and your organization, complete with her own brand of humor.

Tina’s background in Merchandising and Food lends her talents perfectly to TEAMBUILDING. Incorporating business models into the kitchen allows you to observe your managers in a totally non-threatening environment. Personalities and work ethics come to the forefront while everyone is having an enjoyable time. Breakout sessions can be incorporated for further business discussion. Working in groups with unknown recipes and unknown cooking skills is a great way to have new interns really get to know each other; it’s much better than a stuffy dinner at a restaurant and probably a lot cheaper and teambuilding can effectively integrate new interns or employees into the group.

Consider Tina’s talents for your next FUNDRAISER. Lunch-and-Learn events are perfect for 20-30 people who can ask Tina questions while enjoying a catered lunch. Need to fill up a room? Tina can do a demonstration for large groups or conduct a hands-on class for up to 50. Everyone has a great time while you are raising money for your organization, synagogue, church or mosque.

For more information, send an email to tina(at)cookingandmore.com